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Northern Agency for social development(NASDO) is a non-profit making organization which operates in the nothern parts of Kenya.It Endeavors to promote a better health care, quality education, improved livelihood, women and youth empowerment, peace building and conflict resolution and entrenchment of the rights of the maginalised and minority groups in Kenya.

NASDO has well experienced professionals on various fields as their board members. The organization has a chief executive officer who oversees the implementation of the organization's day to day activities. The organization has five thematic areas with atleast one board member who is an expert in each area of focus that usually advices the board when it comes to that specific field.

We Strive to promote peaceful, healthy and inclusive society for economic and social development.

To enhance, promote peaceful coexistence and contribute to inclusivity through empowerment of women using participatory approaches, advocacy, capacity building and research to drive a positive change for sustainable development.

To Promote peaceful, healthy and inclusive society for economic and social development.

  • Integrity
  • Impartiality
  • Accountability
  • Reliability
  • Inclusivity

To Promote peace, improve health care service, advocate againist negative social practices, advocate for the rights of the marginalized and the minority groups, heighten access to quality education and promote good governance

The Main objectives of NASDO are:
  • Advocacy - Advocate for girl child education, advocate against negative social practices such as FGM and early marriages, advocate for inclusivity in policy formulation, good governance, health rights and Accountability.
  • Peace building initiatives - Community cohesion and intergration, youth empowerment, countering violence extremism, cross boarder peace initiatives and conflict resolutions.
  • Livelihood activities - Water and sanitation, provision of clean water, health, electricity power supply among others.